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    Many people even claim that they ate medicinal food in Yiweilou as a way to show off.

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    “Are you really going to show it off?”

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    Brigadier General Stimson looked at him seriously and said: "Chen, you have reservations about us!"

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    No matter how hard you work, you only have enough to eat for your family. Even if you have a little extra, you have to hide it. Whatever you hold in your hand, it's yours.

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    Bazookas and recoilless guns fire high-explosive bombs and incendiary bombs respectively, wiping out the soldiers on the front lines...don't care!

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    Furthermore, what Shen Xiao just said was clearly intended to handle it himself, so that they would not be dragged down.

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    Wounded soldiers were also carried down on stretchers and taken to field hospitals for treatment. The so-called field hospital, which sounds good, the villagers removed all the doors and beds, moved them into the ravine to set up a makeshift operating table, covered it with white cloth, and pulled up some anti-aircraft nets. what the 10th Division now has is a field hospital. However, their skills are not bad, there are several experienced military doctors urgently operating on the injured, and there are also many young nurses who have not been in the army for a long time, joining the soldiers, holding the blood, clean the wound. The vast majority of injuries were caused by aircraft machine guns or aerial bombs. The power of these two weapons was very fierce. Some soldiers were shot in the leg, the entire leg was broken, and had to be amputated. . The limbs were sawed off and thrown aside, piled up. It was scary to look at. A few mentally unstable nurses vomited a bunch. The 10th Division lacked plasma and blood transfusion equipment, so some soldiers due to excessive blood loss could not survive and died at the field hospital.

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    Gu Zhutong, commander-in-chief of the third war zone, soon received information that the Great War in Northern Jiangsu had ended - this was the result of reconnaissance reconnaissance aircraft pilots. He didn't understand: "Why did it suddenly end? Such a good opportunity, to give up is to give up, this... This is completely unreasonable!" war zone, Gu Zhutong earned money and returned the money, he was still quite concerned about the war, the great war in northern Jiangsu left heaven and earth devastated, he was also quite stressed, he didn't even go with wife and aunt He spent all day in the battle meeting room paying attention to changes in the battlefield situation, and asked a large group of staff to make plans to see whether he could carry it out. Seeing the new fourth army directly attack the puppet army for 30,000 days, he was also a little excited beyond words: this time the devil was beaten miserably, isn't this battle enough for them to remember for half a year? Furthermore, if one or two more divisions invested in land turtles, they could wipe out most of the well-digging divisions and ruthlessly kill the prestige of the Japanese army! After learning that the New Fourth Army suddenly stopped attacking and retreated from the Japanese army, he couldn't help but sigh.

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    Co Song Song quickly nodded.

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    In the blink of an eye, the crowd rushed in front of the 1st Battalion's position, only a hundred meters away!

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    Chitose replied: "We'll be there soon!"

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    Xue Jianqiang was very confident: “Don't worry, I said I want to catch them, I can definitely catch them!” He pinched his chin and said: “These demons once fought bloody battles with the American army. In the Pacific theater, they all have rich naval combat experience. If we can capture them and recruit them into our army, we will soon have a large number of high-quality sailors and instructors. , this will be extremely beneficial to the development of our navy!”

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    During the confrontation with the Japanese army, almost a hundred people were killed and wounded in the first battalion, the majority of which were thanks to Zero fighters.

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    In this way, the hat of an oil-poor country was placed on China's head.

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    Song Runan's eyes opened wide.

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    The boss has said so, what else do you have to say? Everyone stood up to salute, then took off their helmets and rushed to the runway.

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    As soon as Master Qin Shuisheng opened his mouth, the women around him stepped forward one after another.

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